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Storage period of goods

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The storage period starts from the date when the status of the commodity is shown as "arrived at" shall be 

responsible for the storage of the products within the storage period and assume corresponding responsibilities, but the shelf life of 

the products purchased by the user is exceptional within the storage period (for example, the shelf life of some food is only 1 month).

The free storage period is 3 months. For each period exceeding 1 month or less, will charge a storage fee of 1 yuan for each commodity ID.


If the storage period exceeds 1 month or less, a storage fee of 1 yuan will be charged.

If the storage period is longer than 2 months or less, a storage fee of 2 yuan will be charged. so on.

* Reminder: If the status of the product is shown as "it has been in" for more than one year, will give up the storage.

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