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Goods return / exchange process

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Step 1: If you need to return the goods because of quality problems, please send email to the customer service of to apply for return of goods.

Step 2: After receiving your application, the customer service of will communicate with the seller in mainland China.When it is 

confirmed that they will accept the return or exchange, the customer service of will contact you via email with the details of the 

return or exchange.

Step 3: After you understand the details of the return letter, please send the relevant items (merchandise + original purchase certificate 

+ original package + copy of the return review email sent to you by back to Weimai as soon as possible.

Please note: for returned goods, please be sure to return them to gewimai within the period promised by the merchant.At the same time, 

because international refund and exchange will take quite a long time (usually more than a month), so please wait patiently during the 

process of refund and exchange, and will inform you of the progress of refund and exchange in time.

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