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Commodity return / exchange principle

Services Guide > > After Sales Service > Commodity return / exchange principle is committed to eliminating all your worries about international online shopping.

In order to ensure the convenience and safety of your shopping, there are corresponding standards for every process of your shopping 

at, including return and exchange of goods.

A. Delivery error, defect or damage When the above problems occur in the goods you receive, please take a picture of the goods and 

the outer package together, and send the digital photo and the description of the relevant situation to the customer service mailbox: 

-------, we will give a reply after processing for you.

B. There is something wrong with the quality of the goods

When you buy goods in the use of a period of time after the quality of the problem, as long as the goods are still in the quality assurance 

period, and there is the original proof of purchase and commodity quality assurance card, you can entrust grid only buy network and 

Chinese mainland business contact for return/exchange.For the goods that meet the return/exchange conditions, will be 

responsible for shipping the goods to the merchant in mainland China and returning the repaired or replaced goods to you.As each 

seller/manufacturer has its own unique principles and methods to deal with commodity quality issues (as indicated in the commodity 

quality warranty card shall prevail), cannot guarantee that the manufacturer can fully meet your requirements, but will try our 

best to fight for your interests and make you satisfied. to provide this agency service, do not charge any service fees, but you need to bear the goods round trip 

reserves the right to refuse this service for products that do not meet the conditions of the warranty.

The merchants in mainland China recommended by are trustworthy. promises 100% return and exchange within 

30 days (from the date of delivery to when we receive your return, the postmark shall prevail).

In any of the following situations, we will not accept the goods you request to return:

A. The product is exchanged, the original appearance is changed, or the parts are lost;

B. Unpacked goods, such as software packages, CDs, DVDs, cassettes, etc.;

C. Products without original proof of purchase.

Special reminder: You need to be cautious when shopping on Taobao and other websites, because there are many illegal business 

practices, if it happens, cannot arrange returns and exchanges for you.

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