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Picking Goods

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Purchasing process 

  • The first step is to select products

  • Go to any shopping website in mainland China to pick up your favorite goods.

  • The second step is to submit the purchase order

  • Enter the "I want to purchase" page, just paste the website of the detailed page of the product,

  • use the "fast purchase" can automatically fill in the purchase form.You only need to manually fill in the commodity remarks,

  • specify the details of your purchase requirements, and then submit the purchase, the goods will be automatically entered into your cart.

  • The third step is to pay for goods

  • Enter the "My Shopping Cart" page, select the goods to be purchased, and after submitting the purchase, the Shenzhen Weimai.

  • com system will automatically deduct the cost of the goods and the freight in mainland China.After you successfully pay for the goods,

  • Shenzhen weiimai network will start to buy for you.

  • The fourth step, shenzhen wei buy network purchasing goods

  • The purchasing process of Shenzhen is as follows:  

  • Shenzhen Webuy purchaser takes orders > A buyer buys goods from a seller > Goods to Shenzhen Webuy > Buyer inspects goods

  • tips: in the process of purchasing goods on behalf of Shenzhen weiimai network buyers, you can check the status of goods in

  • "my warehouse",when the status of goods shows "has arrived in shenzhen weiimai network, you can" submit delivery ".

  • The fifth step, delivery to pay the freight

  • Enter the "My Warehouse" page, select the "arrived in Shenzhen weimai" goods to submit delivery, choose the appropriate delivery method,

  • and then fill in the details of your receiving information correctly, and finally submit settlement, waiting for the goods to be packaged

  • and shipped by Shenzhen weimai.

  • The sixth step, submit to deliver after preparing to deliver

  • In the process of waiting for Shenzhen webuy network to deal with the waybill, You can check the status of the waybill in "My waybill"

  • while waiting for the waybill to be processed by Shenzhen When the status of the waybill is displayed as "shipped",

  • you can also check the status of the waybill in "Parcel Tracking Inquiry".

The seventh step, confirm the receipt of goods

After receiving the package, go to the "My waybill" page to "confirm receipt" and evaluate the daigou experience as soon as possible. 

At this time, Shenzhen will send the corresponding coins to you, ending the perfect daigou.

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