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How to generate an order 

Here is a special reminder:

1. For the goods with different colors and sizes, please be sure to indicate in the remarks information, so that you can handle your order directly.

2. For the replacement products of the merchant, please confirm whether they meet the requirements of the merchant when ordering, and place an order after confirmation.

3. We will contact you if some overweight goods and the seller's information of goods with insufficient postage need to be reimbursed. Please confirm your order again.

Therefore, it is recommended that you pay attention to the status of the goods you order after placing the order.

4. For the virtual goods, we are unable to help you order now, please understand.

Second, get into my shopping cart

Enter "my shopping cart", you can see the goods just submitted, click "submit purchase", after the successful payment, we will immediately buy for you.If your RMB account 

balance is insufficient, the system will prompt you to top up first.

  • Third, enter my warehouse

My warehouse - Shenzhen exclusive design, you can according to the weight of goods to arrange the deployment, everything as you want.In addition, we provide 

you with a variety of transportation modes, you can choose according to your needs.

What needs to be specially reminded is that,

  • Fourth, choose the mode of transportation

The delivery time of DHL is 2-3 working days, that of EMS is 5-7 working days, and that of AIR is 8-15 working days. Check the mode of transportation and freight comparison >>

  • Fifth, confirm the waybill

After the above items are confirmed, click "Next" to fill in the waybill information. Please pay attention to the correctness of the information so that we can contact you in time.

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